Minefield, an infinite loop game where every time you blow up a mine, a layer of a soundscape is revealed. Created in Unity, audio implementation carried out with Wwise. Layers were created, performed and recorded in Reaper.

The core, a proof of concept exploration game set in a nuclear plant melting down. By exploring the three platforms the player is able to hear a variety of sounds, some of which react to their movements. Created in Unity, using Wwise to implement audio. Assets were created with soft synths in Reaper.

Wannabe, a satirical personality quiz game, providing the player with a series of absurd questions in a fantastical, island environment. The game was developed with Unity together with an international team of visual design students at Edinburgh uni. The music and sound was created in collaboration with two other colleagues from the MSc Sound Design. Using Max/MSP to create the soundtrack and arranging it with Kontakt in Reaper. Soundscape and sound effects were created using soft synths recorded in Reaper. The opening voices were also recorded and modified in Reaper. All sounds were programmed and implemented using Wwise.